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Packages & Pricing:

You automatically gain access to our FREE 30-day trial, just click your chosen pricing plan and you’ll be taken to Paypal where you will be charged nothing for your first month, you can cancel at anytime.


Basic Business Plan (1 Month FREE Trial)
  • 1 - Business listing on our directory - complete with photos, information and contact information
  • 2 - Promotion to our thousands of social media followers
  • 2 - A link back to your website and social profiles
  • 4 - Clients have the ability to contact you directly from the directory
    We have contact forms that people can use on your directory listing to contact you in seconds.
Featured Business (1 Month FREE Trial)
  • 1 - Everything you get in the basic plan PLUS:
  • 2 - Featured listing (Appear above your competition) plus show up first in search results
  • 3 - We will send out your business to our 5000 strong mail list each month, opening you up to even more potential clients in your area
  • 4 - Your business will appear on our front page and will join our 'most trusted businesses' page
  • 5 - We will create your business description for you. It will be engaging, informative and will save you time when signing up
  • 6 - Once per month we gift site-wide ads and promotion for FREE to a random featured advertiser.

Why You Need Us

We are the biggest directory in Spain

Over 2000 views per day with steady growth (proof): 


the spanish directory

You also gain access to all of the below:

01Get Infront Of Thousands Of Daily Users

We get over 1700 views per day all from local people in Andalucia, Murcia, and Alicante and this grows every day.

02Pay Cents For Hundreds Of Euros Worth Of Business

Our lowest price is just over 7 euros per month and this alone could bring you hundreds of potential clients.

03We Promote You To Our Social Media

We promote you to our 25 thousand total fans on social media. This helps get your business out there and improves your SEO.

01We give One Business FREE Site-Wide Advertising Each Month

We pick one business each month and give them a whole month FREE site-wide advertising.

02Featured Listing On The Best Directory In Spain

You can get a featured place on this directory allowing you to appear first on all relevant searches, you'll also gain a place in our most important resources on the front page.

03We Send You To Our Mail List

With our featured listing, we give you access to our mail list and promote your business each month to over 5000 subscribers.

01We Boost Your SEO

We're constantly doing marketing and SEO to our directory, if you're listed with us, you get boosted too and this will help improve your business and allow it to show up on google.

02Reach Potential Customers That Otherwise Wouldn't Know About You

By joining our directory you can put yourself in front of thousands of customers that otherwise would never of known about you. If there are 10 shops like yours in your area, the most popular will get used the most but if more people know about you, the more popular your shop will become by people who never even knew about your shop in the first place.

03People Trust Us

We only accept the best Spanish businesses and this has allowed us to build trust with our directory users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I list my business?

You just choose a plan, send your payment and then fill in all of the details that we request about your business (the more you can give us the better, it usually takes 1 – 4 minutes). After that, we manually check everything and make your advert go live on our site within 48 hours.

Which Regions Do You Work In?

Our traffic comes from all over Spain and the UK, this traffic is people looking for your business. At the moment we only work in the Andalucia, Murcia and Alicante regions. As soon as you’re listed we start the promotion process to bring in relevant views to your business so you can get as much value as possible.

Can Anyone List Their Business?

Absolutely! If you’re legal, trustworthy and have a business you want to promote you are welcome on our directory. We manually check all of our submissions so the more details you can give us about your business, the better your advert will be and the more potential customers will want to work with you.

What makes you different?

We are the one-stop shop for finding any kind of business you’re looking for, close to your area. Use our search feature to find the type of business you’re looking for, pop in your region and await the results.

By listing your business with us you get access to our 1700 (and counting) unique daily visitors, our lively social media accounts and you are promoted to our email list (by choosing the featured listing). Not just that but our unique visitors come looking for businesses like yours daily, potentially opening you up to hundreds of more clients. We are Spain’s biggest directory of businesses and we can help you take your business, no matter how big or small to the next level.

Is the featured listing worth it?

It depends on what you want if you just want to advertise your business and showcase yourself to hundreds of potential clients then no, but if you want all of that plus a HUGE social media blast, access to our mail list, have your listing on the front page and have access to even more potential clients, then yes.

Can I Change My listing?

Yes, just send us a quick message detailing what it is you want to change and we will update your listing as soon as possible.

If you have an offer on or discounts available, send us a quick email and we can add all of that to your listing for you (featured listings only). Your discounts and offers can also be added to our Facebook page and social media to reach even more clients.

Will I Be Shown Above My Competition?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you will come above your competition in the search results, however, if you have a featured listing you will be automatically put in front of their listing and be mentioned on our favorites page.

When Will I Be Billed?

You will be billed monthly on the same date you purchased your listing, there is absolutely no hidden fees or extras.

Am I in a Contract?

No, you can cancel anytime you like by emailing us or by doing it inside your PayPal account (takes less than 10 seconds to cancel).

Explain one more time, what is it you do?

OK, let’s make this as simple as we can. You list your business, provide your information and anything else that’s important, your listing then shows up in our popular directory which gives you exposure to our thousands of visitors. It’s that simple!

What Happens When I Pay

Once you pay you will be re-directed to a page that allows you to fill in all of the relevant information about your business, please provide as much as possible. If you don’t have time to do this, please let us know and we can do it for you.

I don’t have time, how long does it take?

If you’re in a rush, then we can do a 300 + word business description for you if you buy the featured plan.

Why is being on the directory better than having my own website?

Firstly, most people won’t know the name of your business to find it through google, secondly, getting to the top of googles search results takes a lot of time and money (something we do for you) and lastly, by being on our directory people looking for your business will find it easily, with no complications. You can advertise your business stress-free, letting us do all of the hard work for you whilst advertising to hundreds of more potential clients than you would have on your own website.

Yes, we have a small monthly fee that we ask for but in comparison to what running a singular website costs to get it where you want it to be, there really is no doubt in our minds that being on our directory is a better idea, both financially and logically.

How will clients find me?

They come to us to search for a business in their chosen category – for example, golf. If you’re advertising with us, your listing will appear and they will then now know all about you, contact you or come and visit your store. If you’re part of our featured listing you will also get blasted to our thousands of social media followers and mail list subscribers opening up the doors to even more clients.

Do You Live in Spain?

Yes, we have lived in Spain for a combined 30 years. We know all about the regions of Murcia, Alicante, and Andalucia and felt there was a huge gap in the market for a website like this one, there isn’t enough information out there for regular people looking for businesses they can trust.

Why did you make this website?

Living in Spain we all know it can be very hard to find businesses, especially with so many popping up all of the time. We wanted to create a directory that allowed everyone to search for their chosen business, find out the location, the opening hours and everything in between. It is now one of Spain’s biggest directories for businesses and we couldn’t be more proud of it.