What Is It Like Living In Almeria Spain?

Almeria Spain is different to a lot of other regions of Spain, it’s still very laid back, with beautiful beaches, rife agriculture and quite a large percentage of expats in certain areas. Almeria is situated in the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.

Many different villages and towns fall under the region of Almeria and there are so many to be explored, let’s run through a few:

Albox/Arboleas – Generally occupied with a mix of expats and locals, it is friendly, inland and has lots of beautiful villas available for amazing prices.

Vera – There’s less of an expat population in Vera. It’s a traditional Spanish town with a market, boutiques and things to do.

Granada – During the winter months, it’s a hub for skiing and snowboarding. You may not think this possible in Spain but Granada always has glorious snow, challenging ski runs and the potential to be a great weekend away if you enjoy the snow. During the summer months, the snowy peaks turn into glorious nature hikes that you can enjoy.

Mojacar – Mojacar is a tourist dominated area, people come from all over Spain to enjoy this part of the region. It has plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs and more for you to enjoy an amazing holiday.

There are of course many more places in the region of Almeria but these are some of the key locations and you can see just how varying they are.

The region of Almeria is scattered with breathtaking beaches, traditional Spanish restaurants, things to do and a great mixture of both Spanish locals and expats from around the world.

As we mentioned before living in the region of Almeria you will find a very relaxed atmosphere, what can be done today will be done tomorrow, people are chilled out and everything is pretty peaceful. People who enjoy a faster pace of life may not love the region of Almeria but if you like friendly communities, traditional Spanish villages and a relaxed lifestyle, Almeria Spain is a perfect choice.

There’s a small airport located in Almeria that is easy to find and a peaceful drive from anywhere inside the region, there are flights every day and from Vera this journey takes just under an hour, ideal for people who dislike the Alicante airport run, there’s also the port of Almeria that has great connections to Morocco, Melilla and Algeria.

If you like the heat you will be pleased to know that the region of Almeria has a  true hot desert climate, with the summers reaching soaring temperatures and the winters being moderately warm even in the coldest months.

Lots of films have been filmed in Almeria, one of the most famous being ‘Laurence Of Arabia’ where they used the hot desert landscapes to capture this classic movie. More movies and shows filmed here are: Doctor who, Game of Thrones and the music video to ‘shout to my ex’ by little mix.

Overall, living in Almeria is relaxing, peaceful and filled with traditional Spanish agriculture, fishing, villages, stores and with a pleasant mix of tourism and an expat community.


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