Tony’s Golf

LocationsAndalucia, Murcia
Status Closed now
Tony’s Golf

Tony is a well-known golf club retailer who offers his products to customers in the Almeria and Murcia region.

Tony has a flair for golf and providing you with the best deal is something he is passionate about. He sells golf bags, golf clubs, golf trolleys, golf balls, golf shoes, golf gloves and more all of from his stall at various different markets.

You can find him at:

  • Camposol Sector A Market – Thursday (Starts 9AM – 12:30PM)
  • Turre Market – Friday (Starts 9AM- 2:30PM)
  • Villaricos Market – Sunday (Starts 9AM- 2:30PM)

He has a great knowledge of golf and can assist you if you are not quite sure what you’re looking for. Tony has lived in Spain for almost 20 years and is trusted among locals and his customers. He is also always looking to buy your clubs you don’t need anymore so if you have any clubs you would like to sell, be sure to pay him a visit or contact him via his popular Facebook page.

Tony only stocks the best and provides many people with golf clubs that they then go onto use on the many golf resorts around the regions of Almeria and Murcia. Tony is friendly, approachable and experienced in what he does, nobody offers better deals, quality and customer service than him.

If you’re looking for your favourite brand, looking to sell your clubs, looking for a particular product, be sure to just ask him as most likely he has it in stock and will happily provide it for you and one of the markets he attends.

Tony is fully legal, trustworthy and dependable. If you’re looking for anything golf related, we recommend paying him a visit and supporting someone small and local.