Sierra Espuña

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Sierra Espuña

Sierra Espuña is a large natural park filled with walking routes, camping, high peaks, a river, forest, canyons and more. Sierra Espuña is located in the Murcia region of Spain and is situated close to the town of Alhama de Murcia, you can find the suggested walking routes in many tourist offices around the area and via their website.

There’s so much to see in this nature reserve, it’s the perfect place for fitness fanatics and newbie walkers, there are wild animals, birds and breathtaking views to take in all day long.

Something we love about this nature park is that there are walks for every level and they tell you how long on average they take to complete. The most popular walk among newbies and children is the ‘Dinosaur walk’ (where 65 million old bones were once found) on this route you walk past a giant dinosaur footprint and make your way across a footbridge and interesting terrain.

There are so many routes to take in this park’s 25,000 hectares, you just need a good pair of walking shoes and a backpack with some water and maybe a light snack, although there is a refreshments area.

If you’re into walking, exploring and doing something a little bit different make sure to check out Sierra Espuña nature park.

The coordinates on the map take you to the Alhama de Murcia tourist office where you can pick up a map and find the route that’s right for you.