Parque Almenara English Cinema

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Parque Almenara English Cinema

We all love going to the cinema and now luckily for us English speakers, the cinema in the Parque almenara centre in Lorca are showing English movies on a Thursday evening. Each week it’s a different movie and can easily be identified on their website cinema listings by looking for the word ‘VOSE’ (Version Original Subtitulada¬†Espanola).

There is always two showings of the movie one in the early evening and one a few hours later, the cinema is comfy, large and easy to find inside the shopping mall at Lorca.

Once you find the time of your movie usually either 5:45 or 7:45 (but please double check) make sure to arrive on time as there are no adverts and the movie starts on the dot of the allocated time. Many people make the mistake of thinking there are ads and come in 10 minutes late.

There are refreshments and food available inside the cinema, all for reasonable prices, however, there is a sweet shop and supermarket in the small shopping mall that you could use to stock up with before your movie.

The cinema is in a great location (the top floor of the shopping centre) and even allows for a spot of shopping in the popular and modern stores before the movie starts.