Maui Beach Club

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Maui Beach Club

Maui Beach Club

Maui beach is a lively, friendly beach club. It looks onto the beautiful mediterranean sea and during the day is a great chill out zone with exciting cocktails, sun loungers and relaxing upbeat music that will make you feel like you are in paradise.

However, by night this gorgeous beach club turns into an exciting ‘club’ filled with people dancing the night away still in their beachwear. As the sun starts to set, a DJ will come out and begin playing the latest and well known Spanish hits that will get you moving.

During the day you can enjoy a long list of cocktails along with a scrumptious menu filled with affordable snacks, meals and drinks that they have to offer.

The location is idyllic, you can sit and relax listening to the music from the comfort of the chill out sun loungers situated inside this beach club or chill out on the beach and enjoy everything the sun, sea and people have to offer.

Maui beach is a well-known place as it even had its own hit song released, during the summer months this beach club is packed full with people from all walks of life, yet you can still enjoy a peaceful afternoon all year round thanks to the relaxing atmosphere.