IKEA Murcia

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IKEA Murcia

ikea murcia

IKEA is a Scandinavian store that has opened its doors to the people of Murcia, it’s filled with ready-to-assemble furniture, homeware and other home goods for you to browse and look at in its giant carefully mapped out warehouse-like store.

The store in Murcia is located within walking distance from the ‘Thader’ shopping centre and just a small car or tram ride from the ‘Nueva Condomina’ shopping centre. It has plenty of free parking, space to walk around and friendly staff that will assist you in what you need.

There’s also a cafe located inside the store where you can refresh and rest your legs before moving on to the bottom section of the store.

Anything for your home that you may need is located inside IKEA. from bathroom fixtures to beds, to plants and hammocks, IKEA has it all for really great prices. Everything is also really easy to find with the help of the signs, directions and the way the store is essentially mapped out allows you to not miss a thing.

They even offer home delivery if your car isn’t large enough or simply order it online and get it sent directly to your door.

IKEA has stores all across Europe, Russia, Asia, South America and more. It is a trusted brand with plenty of furniture and styles to suit every need and taste, it’s budget friendly and assembling their furniture couldn’t be easier.