Iceland (Overseas)

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Iceland (Overseas)

Iceland (Overseas)

Iceland overseas is a large British supermarket stocked with all of your favorite goods from home. It has frozen goods, fresh goods, and shelf-life goods all for you to enjoy at great prices. They stock a huge range of products from Morissons, Iceland, Waitrose and more.

The staff in the Iceland stores are always friendly and helpful, the stores are clean and tidy and there’s something for everyone inside an Iceland store.

Around Christmas time they stock all of the best Christmas goodies and even some gifts. Most expats venture into to Iceland around Christmas time to stock up all of their mince pies, cheese, crackers, Turkey and more. However, Iceland still offers amazing products all year round and is definitely a store most of us can be grateful of.

Iceland have their products at great prices inside their stores, they have to cover import costs but aside from that, they do offer great deals on things that we miss from home.

If you have never been to an Iceland store in Spain, I am going to list the top three locations in the Almeria, Alicante and Murcia region:

Almeria – Iceland at Vera (next to the bullring)

Murcia – San Javier (close to the dos mares shopping centre)

Alicante – Torrevieja ( Avenida de las cortes Valencianas)

On the map, I have given the exact location to the Iceland store in Vera.