Hotel Catalonia Conde De Floridablanca

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Hotel Catalonia Conde De Floridablanca

This beautiful hotel is next to the ‘Jardin de Flordiblanca’ and just 5 minutes on foot from the breathtaking cathedral in the centre of Murcia. This hotel has all modern amenities from AC, a gym, events rooms, a restaurant and much more.

The rooms are stylish and comfortable with plenty of space to move around comfortably, which is not something you always get in rooms that are in the middle of a bustling city. The hotel is very popular, however, it remains as one of the best thanks to its competitive pricing, spacious rooms and location.

You can’t get much better when it comes to the location of this hotel, it is surrounded by restaurants, bars, things to see, shops and transport links.

If you’re interested in booking this hotel get in touch with them via the contact form or via their website.