Costa Calida Chronicle

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Costa Calida Chronicle

The Costa Calida chronicle

The Costa Calida chronicle is a completely free small magazine distributed to the Costa Calida region.  It is packed full of the latest events, news, phone numbers and things to do, it’s an essential must have if you live in the Murcia region as all of the local bars and restaurants also advertise what they are doing and it allows everyone to know about the latest events.

It comes out every month with new advertisers, new offers and new things to learn about in the surrounding areas.

The Costa Calida chronicle has been running for many years (over 18!) and doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon, it’s a communication tool for many people and is actually a really great read on a sunny afternoon.

Essential numbers (plumbers, police, electricians) are all featured inside this free magazine, most people cut this page out and make a note of them for future reference, you wouldn’t believe just how handy they can be in times of need.

Regular and new contributors to the magazine help to keep the community spirit alive and allow people even in remote villages to learn about different events and news about the area. If you can’t grab a copy from any of the distribution points, you can also read it online each month.