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Consum is a large supermarket chain that spans across Spain stocking normal supermarket food along with some British home comforts that you can’t find elsewhere. Their prices are fair, their supermarkets clean and their customer service is second to none.

Consum stocks a large variety of goods from both the UK and Spain and even stocking some American candy items in some of their stores.

You can’t miss Consum thanks to its giant orange buildings and large white lettering, they are in most areas and are a very popular supermarket amongst expats thanks to their variety of food and the availability of home comforts.

They have fresh meat and fish counter, fresh fruits and vegetables and regularly have discounts and money off for consum card holders, which works just like a loyalty card, something we don’t often see in Spain.

Consum also has very knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always happy to help. Most consum stores also have a handful of English speakers who can help you out if you’re really stuck on something or just feel like a little bit of chit chat when paying.

On the map I have left the exact location of the Consum in Camposol.