Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In Spain

Keeping your home cool in the summer months in any hot country can be a hard thing to do, what with modern buildings facing the afternoon sun, large windows letting in the scorching heat and just terribly made designs that mean your main living areas are always affected by the heat.

However, there are some top ways you can prevent your home from becoming a heat trap and really help it to cool down and disperse the heat during the summer.


Use your ‘shutters’ to your advantage, you might want your room to be bright but during the summer keeping these low, allowing in only a small amount of light will help keep a room cool and keep the heat out. Most people keep their shutters entirely closed but I like to leave them firmly shut but with a few of the little gaps still open to allow in a little bit of air.

Dark Curtains

If you have curtains keep them shut during the summer, I bought some inexpensive blackout curtains from IKEA that are made to keep out the heat from the window, they work a dream in the summer months and really help to keep a room cooler.

Time Of Day

You may already know but the locals and people that have lived in Spain for many years don’t go out between 1:30 and 4:30, it just isn’t done. During the summer this is the hottest time of the day and you definitely don’t want to be lounging on the beach or sitting in your garden at this time. Doing so makes you hotter and thus makes your home feel hotter, take this time to take a nap or just sit in a dark room and watch some TV, don’t make yourself hotter by going out in it.

Air Con

Air conditioning can be really expensive to run all day long and for most people, this just isn’t an option when trying to keep their house cool. Instead, keep shutters down with small gaps for air, invest in some blackout heat resistant curtains and even plug in a fan to keep the air moving. You will find you acclimatize to the heat a lot better and you are able to sleep without the need for air conditioning!


I hate cooking in the summer, not just because it’s too hot outside but because it makes my house far too hot. I try to never use the oven and instead invested in a halogen oven that lets out far less heat and uses a lot less electricity.


Freeze some ice packs during the day and put them into your bed just like you would a hot water bottle a bit before you go to bed, it helps cool down your sheets and feels really nice to get into a cool bed after a hot day. Taking a cold shower before bed also helps too.


Having a pool you can dip into on a hot summers day, cotton sheets rather than silk, a fresh breeze coming into your home (perhaps from the sea) and plenty of ventilation will keep your home in Spain nice and cool all summer long.

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