The Best Tips For Driving In Spain

We all know that some driving techniques in Spain do leave some us of feeling slightly petrified but that doesn’t mean you still can’t be safe and feel confident when out driving in Spain. We here on the Spanish directory wanted to highlight some of the best tips you need in order to be a great driver in Spain.

We on The Spanish Directory wanted to offer you some of our favorite tips on how to be a safe driver in Spain and things you can do to boost your confidence and get from A to B confidently.


  • Don’t get annoyed! This is one of the biggest driving tips you need. If someone is sat on your bumper or goes to overtake you on a busy road, just don’t get annoyed. Obviously, keep an eye on them but don’t let it get to you and don’t let it make you nervous, just keep sticking to the speed limit and let them do their thing.


  • If you see lots of people breaking up ahead or you need to warn people to slow down, put your hazards on. It’s a universal warning signal but here in Spain people pay attention and will notice a hazard light flashing in the distance. It has saved many people from someone going into the back of them!


  • Expect people to pull out! Slow down, anticipate what they are going to do and don’t get annoyed when it happens. Speeding up or being oblivious to a car trying to pull out is dangerous, just relax and give yourself enough time to break if needs be. The chances are they will pull out so just accept it and move on.


  • The dreaded sun glare can make you blind at times on the road, in moments like this put on your lights and pull over into a petrol station or layby if necessary, it passes soon enough and is sometimes safer to just stop for a few minutes rather than driving on blind.


  • Make sure to always carry reflective jackets and triangles in your car, these are compulsory and only cost a few euros.


  • Don’t let yourself become intimidated by other drivers, if the car behind you is angry and trying to get past in dangerous situations don’t speed up, just let them do their thing or simply pull over to let them pass if it’s safe.


  • If there comes a point where there are roadworks on your side of the motorway and you are forced to drive on the other side of the road with oncoming vehicles, make sure to put on your headlights. It’s the law and warns other drivers.


  • Be aware of pedestrians when driving! Most don’t look when they cross the road because they expect the oncoming cars to stop, always stop for people at a zebra crossing, it’s courteous and kind of expected!


If you have any more driving tips for people thinking of driving in Spain leave them in the comments below so we can add them to this article. They can be funny, useful or just plain old helpful!



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