What Are The Costs Of Living In Spain?

Everybody is different and everybody has different expenses that they pay out so this article is purely from our perspective and the prices we have encountered with living in Spain.

Personally, I feel like Spain is a lot cheaper than the UK and other European countries, my shopping bill is never as high, my monthly bills aren’t extortionate and there are no fees here there and everywhere that you seem to encounter in other countries such as the UK and US.

But, what’s the real cost of living in Spain?


You can pay anywhere from 250 euros all of the ways to 1000 euros, it all just depends on where you live. We live in a small town and pay 300 euros with our community fees and internet thrown in, which is a great deal. We have friends in Barcelona who pay 500 euros per month and friends who live in another small village in the Almeria region of Spain paying 350 euros.

On average, for an apartment outside of a city you are looking to pay around 300-400 euros per month, bills excluded.



An average household will see their water bill at around 50-120 euros per month, depending on if they have a pool as this can rack up the cost.

Electricity is fairly expensive in Spain and it can average at about 50-150 euros per month depending on your house size and number of occupants. Also, using air conditioning during the summer is something that really brings up the cost of electric.



Supermarkets on average are inexpensive, Mercadona is the largest supermarket chain in Spain and we have found that an average weekly shop for two people is around 40 -60 euros, depending on what we buy. One of us has a gluten intolerance so this does include all of the more expensive gluten-free items, however, that being said comparing it to our UK weekly shopping bill, it is significantly cheaper.

However, if you are looking for goods from home in foreign supermarkets you will find yourself paying sometimes triple the price than what you would be paying in your home country.



Weekly markets in Spain are a dream if you want a bulk buy lots of fruits and vegetables, you can buy great big bags of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, just about anything for around 1- 3 euros. You can save a lot of money by shopping around.



Pets can rack up costs in any country but there are some great pet insurers in Spain who cover costs with your monthly payments. There are also some great charities out there that take in rescue dogs and if you adopt these dogs they have a deal with their vet to offer you services at discounted and sometimes free prices (especially for neutering, if they haven’t already been neutered).



Schools are predominantly public, however, there are some private schools that incur fees, averaging at around 2000-4000 per term. The public schools are completely free however, you do need to supply things like notepads, books, pens and much more in Spain which can get quite expensive, especially if you have more than one child.



You can buy second-hand cars fairly cheap in Spain, whatever your budget you will find something. Petrol and Diesel is on the rise and is usually equivalent if not a little bit cheaper than the UK. Every year you must get your car a new ITV to just prove it’s safe and suitable to be on the road, this on average is between 30-45 euros, depending on your car and is a really straightforward procedure.


House prices

Houses are significantly cheaper than in the UK, you can buy a really nice villa with a pool for around 200K however, prices do go up depending on the area, the house size and features.


Average Meal

Take advantage of ‘menu del dia’ menus and you will be looking to pay around 10 euros per head with this offer sometimes including a bottle of wine. Depending on the type of restaurant you eat at, you can pay on average 20-30 euros for a meal for two in most ‘normal’ restaurants (excluding menu del dia).

how much does it cost to live in Spain

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