Benefits Of Living In Spain

If you’re searching for the answer to this question you’re either thinking about moving to Spain or already live in Spain and just want to re-evaluate why you live here. Thanks to one of our featured listing estate agents, the kind team at Calida homes have made this amazing infographic for us with all of the best reasons why we live in Spain and why we all love it so much. Feel free to share it on your Facebook page by simply sharing this page.

reason we love living in spain

Here are some more of the points with a little more detail:

The weather – How could we forget the weather? Warm and sunny winters and scorching hot summers. Going for walks along the beach all year round, sitting in the garden and reading your book on any day of the year and sitting outside for lunch is just one of the many reasons why we love the weather here in Spain.

The lifestyle – In many other countries like the UK and the US the lifestyle is very stressful, rush hour traffic, packed commuter trains and buses and constant pressure on us. In Spain, of course, there are stresses but being able to sit in the sun and hear the sound of nature all around you just seems to melt all of the troubles away.

The Price – Cities are expensive everywhere but even inside the bustling cities you will find a fairly inexpensive way of life. Wages aren’t as high here but you can live off a lot less thanks to the weekly markets, cheap supermarkets, low rental costs and being able to eat out for next to nothing compared to our European counterparts.

Fiesta – Fiestas aren’t everything but they do count for something when you’re dancing the night away at any age in any village in Spain. You will find a fiesta of some kind any weekend in Spain (more so during the Summer months) these usually include large refreshment tents, cheap meaty food, great music, lots of dancing and laughter and even sometimes the locals will make an effort in their beautiful and traditional Spanish flamenco outfits.

House Prices – Buying a home in other parts of Europe and America is nigh on impossible, with large deposits, impossible mortgage rates and difficult to find homes. In Spain, you can find a wonderful villa for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

The Stars – Many people who come from busy towns and cities in other parts of the world forget how great the stars are too look at. Here in Spain you just need to look up (away from cities) and see the most amazing clusters of stars you have ever seen. Watching the sunset on the beach and seeing as the black cloak of stars reveals itself is truly magical.

Being fit – Keeping active is really easy in Spain, going for a run or a walk couldn’t be simpler. With so much ‘campo’ to explore and so many walking routes to follow, it’s pretty hard to stay idle.


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